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Head Coach -  Dave Houck -  Rest In Peace 8/15/2012
Coach Dave joined our staff in 2003 in division 2 of St. Mary’s Pigskin Football. Coach Dave jumped right in with nothing but wanting to help the kids of this county, he never shied away from anyone who wanted knowledge of any part of the game, he was always first to ask who needed rides to and from practice and games, on any given night he was always helping the Kemps getting uniforms ready or fields ready. First to volunteer and was there when needed. Although the season wasn’t the best we ever had, Dave didn’t care! Which in that he was right, the kids had fun and enjoyed the coaches enough to come back the next year and win our first ever turkey bowl.


The next year he got more involved, doing fields, uniforms, helmet cleaning anything anyone asked he had it under control. But he got more into coaching the kids which I think he finally discovered that’s what he was meant to do.

We stayed with Pigskin for 4 years we won 3 super bowls together and he and his wife lead the charge with handling everything when we had to play in Delaware for Pop Warner, which we played well.
We finally all joined with the Pax River Raiders and he decided he was going to be the head coach for that year and he was just glad to be coaching his son Alex and the rest of his kids. I know he didn’t have a winning year, again he could have cared less, he just would smile and stay until all the games were over and help clean up, did he have to? NO, but that was Coach Dave.

The final year Coach Dave and I were together. We had probably the best team assembled. Dave ran most of everything I was lost in personal problems but the kids had Dave to fall on. So after winning super bowl number 4 in his era Dave became ill.

I remember Dave as my friend. My son Jack was born two months early and my wife and I was having a tough time with our son not being able to just come home, First person there? Coach Dave. He stayed with me until he had to leave, Dave taught me a lot in life, he taught me my job, but he taught me how to be a great father.

Dave left us not long ago, he will never be forgotten, he was my friend he was my assistant but felt sometimes I was his, Which maybe that was really how it should have been.

I hope everyone knows that Dave gave up so much of his time to your children and our league, he will be missed he is missed, I caught myself this opening weekend just looking on the sidelines for Dave. He was there, I know it.

Written by: Dave's close friend and fellow coach; Jay Christy