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The Pax River Raiders Youth Football League, a non-profit community
service, has been serving the youth of St. Mary’s County for the last 10 years. Our
organization is solely funded by registration fees, fundraisers, and community
donations. Our mission is to help children learn and grow in a community
environment that promotes responsibility, hard work, sportsmanship, teamwork and
Donations allow us to offer a summer conditioning program, free to the public
(not just our players) to keep kids aged 5-15 active in the off-season, enable us to
provide scholarships to underprivileged families and help us to keep registration
costs down in general. Our organization serves the youth of St. Mary’s County to
allow them to participate in youth football and cheerleading. We also assist
underprivileged youth who want to participate in our organization.
In past seasons, we have assisted more than 45 low income families. This
year, the number of families in need of assistance is increasing. With your support,
we can make this dream a reality for all of the children. We currently have over 100
volunteers who serve our organization in multiple capacities that commit their time and
talent to make youth football and cheerleading available to the youth of our community.
We would like to thank you for your support to the Pax River Raiders.